Rubber-enhanced Compounds 

Thermoplastic Elastomers

 performance-power from post-use tires


Thermoplastic Elastomer Alloys

… powered by Cryo-Micronized Post-Consumer Rubber Powder (CMPCRP) …

rucothel has found a patented approach to reduce virgin material consumption by 50% and even increases material performance. As result of a decades-long and seven-digit Euro process of invention, development, testing and improvement, we have created a complete material and technology base to produce thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds – powered by Cryo-Micronized Rubber Powder from scrap tires.

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reducing waste – increasing material performance – creating economically and ecologically sustainable materials



Our Core Competencies

… where material science, engineering skills and industry heritage converge …

The successful patent grant for “Rubber-modified Elastomeric Alloys”  in 2007 was rucothel’s early and strong proof of innovation. However, only the many years of technology evolution, formulation and application research together with renowed research institutes and product users following the patent led us to our current industry-grade formulation and production level.

all our materials have been evaluated by


rucothel Creation Process

Customized Formulation

Customized Formulation

rucothel compounds are full of individuality, while always resting on high-performing base components. We consult you with our formulation and material evaluation experience and always strive to achieve the optimum performance parameters for your compound.

Thermoplast Selection

Thermoplast Selection

We choose only top-quality thermoplasts from proven suppliers to create your individual compound. We are intensively testing also recyclate thermoplast in line with our full circular economy vision.

For polyurethane (TPU) materials, we exclusively rely on our long-term cooperation with BASF Polyurethanes.

Addition of Cryo-Micronized Rubber Powder

Addition of Cryo-Micronized Rubber Powder

Here we add up to 60% of our secret powder: CryoMicronized Post-Consumer Rubber Powder (CMPCRP).

CMPCRP adds the desirable elastomer features to the compound, making it abrasion-, bump- and  tear- resistant. With CMPCRP, we integrate the long-run high-tech power of truck tires into the plastics application.

CMPCRP is minimally 99.5% free of residual components (fibers, metal,…) and has a maximum particle size of 400 microns.

Optional Inclusion of Fibers and Fabrics

Optional Inclusion of Fibers and Fabrics

We have patent-proven experience to include fibers into our rucothel-compounds. A broad selection of Kevlar, carbon and also natural fibers have been successfully applied in our process.

Continuous Kneading

Continuous Kneading

Here comes the core of our experience, following decades of testing and improvement in cooperation with our Swiss compounder supplier.

Thermoplasts and CMPCRP are gradually inserted by gravimetric balances and melted, while being processed by a twin-screw extruder to achieve the desired cross-linking of the elastomeric particles with the thermoplast matrix.

We have ample experience to amend various additives to further modify and customize the alloy in accordance to your individual requirements.

The scalable process enables also production of smaller quantities.

Extrusion to Granules or Plates

Extrusion to Granules or Plates

rucothel material come in usual industry-type granule form. We can also process the material in direct extrusion to plates or strings.

Quality Inspection and Packaging

Quality Inspection and Packaging

All compounds are intensively quality-inspected before packaging.

rucothel compounds usually come in big bags, but we are also capable to fulfill other quantity and packaging requirements from our customers.



Our “Secret Powder”

… elastomeric power, not rubber waste …

Since we successfully filed our first patent in 2005, we remained convinced that cryogenically grinded elastomeric powder from truck tires is the ideal base component for ecologically and economically sustainable elastomeric alloys to extend or substitute conventional TPE applications:

  • Cryo-Micronized rubber particles have cubic form with a smooth surface, and therefore ensure an excellent cross-linking reaction with the thermoplast matrix.
  • With rubber particle size of max 400um we assure homogeneity and ability for thin materials.
  • Scrap tires are an almost unlimited elastomer resource, so we avoid material scarcity from virgin materials.

the process of generating CMPCRP in short …



beyond 14 million tons of tires globally desposited as waste


abrasion resistance and long-life features by default


accelerating dynamics to explore new application fields



assuring a pure cubic and smooth particle surface


99.5% free from metal and fiber particles


generating particle sizes of 400 microns and below

Symbolic picture of Cryo-Micronized Post Consumer Rubber Powder (CMPCRP)




unique cross-linking capabilities with thermoplasts


no chemical processing required to obtain power features


applications for polymers, tire, asphalt,...steadily evolve

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We have been with the early pioneers who created new approaches to utilize post-consumer industrial rubber more efficiently. Now, after 20 years, the application market proves this decision right. Cryogenically milled rubber powder is the power component of choice for a homogeneous liaison with most widely used industrial thermoplasts.

Herbert Kölbl, Inventor

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

… in the very core of the circular economy …


an entire post-consumer tire or industrial rubber waste by minimally

0 %


the amount of virgin material for TPE production by minimally

0 %


the need for chemical pre-processing of post-consumer rubber by

0 %


all rucothel thermoplastic elastomer alloys after their long lifetime to

0 %


Markets and Application Areas

… serving the ever-growing application range for elastic plastic …

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) saw a sharp increase of attractive use-cases specifically in the automotive industry, both in replacing in a wide scale industrial rubber products as well as tapping new application areas. A global market of approx. 5 million tons p.a. growing every year by almost 5% is a visible commercial proof of  future-readiness of this material category.

To capture new areas of applications, we engage in deep partnerships with both the processing industry and end-users. We jointly develop best-fitting material compositions and constantly improve our materials based on customer feedback. In turn, we induce impulses and ideas of new use cases for sustainably ‘upcycled’ performance materials.


rucothel is fully embedded in this growing application market. When it comes to excellent price-performance ratio in areas, where superior rubber-like performance is desired and recycled components are appreciated, we have the material of choice.

Applicable Processing Technologies

… levering all the benefits of plastics processing  …


The major advantage of TPE materials over rubber elastomers unfolds with their processing ease and flexibility. Thermoplastic processing technologies permit high freedom in component design, possibility of dual component molding or co-extrusion, and much shorter cycle times.

Our very origin is deeply rooted in full-scale processing plants and machinery system integration. With experience in both the input- and output-side we assure a particular end-to-end perspective. Our target is to ensure full practical application of the entire range of plastics processing  machinery: injection molding, extrusion, plate calendar or even composite material creation with double-belt presses.

As we move on, we are deeply analysing and experimenting with new processing areas, such as 3D printing.



An Inspiring Place for Talents

… sharing our passion for innovation …

Our products are hybrids complementing the best of two worlds: Rubber power and plastics processing advantages. And so are we as a company: We are a true startup company with a clear vision in place, still have ways to go, but enormous room to create and grow. At the same time, we are reinvigorating and transforming a decades-long experience and know-how of the locally renowed inventor and former factory owner Herbert Kölbl, who invented the very nucleous of rucothel materials and processing technology.

Ramping up our operations now, we are thrilled to attract enthusiastic and competent talents, who share our passion for industrial plastics and in the same time want to contribute to environmental improvement and waste reduction. We offer room and freedom to evolve, to create and to learn. As a research-driven company, we are particularly interested in supporting thesis projects and joint research programs. And as a production company, we are looking forward to providing a modern and future-oriented workplace to plastics-processing experts of all education levels.

Core team members in "concept room" of Welling's park hotel discussing
Thomas Kölbl and Dieter J. Angerer shake hand
digital concierge rucothel

Our new headquarter location perfectly reflects this hybrid approach: K2 Tower and Industry Park in Krefeld is a traditional production location of a family-owned industry group, and a vibrant startup base camp with the mission to create a new “silk valley” in Krefeld. We couldn’t imagine a better place to be and are happy to be part of  this community!

rucothel will start a hiring batch soon, so please watch out! But we are explicitly welcoming unsolicited applications already now.

We look forward to getting to know you soon!

Sustainable Growth and Value Generation

… enabling solid investment and alliance partnerships …

  • Thomas Kölbl
    Thomas Kölbl Shareholder & Chief Executive Officer

When we, Thomas Kölbl and Dieter J. Angerer, joined forces in 2018 to lay out the core of the rucothel-group, we agreed on three major rationales:

  • Innovation & IPR-driven Competence Core: We build on our unique and patent-proven experience to create elastic plastics materials on the base of cryogenically-milled rubber powder. Therefore, we put a laser-sharp focus on material research and development and technological evolution of our production method.
  • Growth by Industrial Standards: We maximize the potential for standardization and modular scalability, arising from the full applicability of standard plastics processes for our materials. Thus, we target production partnerships with supply chain and market channel synergies far beyond our own scope of products.
  • Sustainable Operations: Sustainability goes beyond ecology. We design and execute our operation model without compromise to become a well-connectable element within the circular material flow. Our long-term cooperation with BASF Polyurethanes prepared the grounds for professional interworking capabilities with corporates. Now, we build upon these foundations with a scalable, modular and digitalization-driven process operation concept and multi-company goverance yet from the scratch.

The rucothel group has been built exclusively by shareholders’ cash and “sweat” equity. More fervently, we incorporate and reinvigorate all the intellectual assets generated in a decades-long and seven-digit Euro heavy process of invention, development, testing and improvement.  These assets contain beyond the central patents and trademark rights the  – meanwhile recently digitalized – know-how to produce thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds – powered by Cryo-Micronized Rubber Powder from scrap tires.

We seek now for trusted long-term investment and business alliance partners specifically for the following evolution areas of rucothel:

  • Accelerating the ramp-up of our Product Development and Customer Experience Center in Krefeld.
  • Enlarging the our market presence with new material properties and thermoplast combinations in currently untapped application fields and new regions.
  • Ramping-up industry-grade compound production facilities in Europe – preferably in synergetic collocation with strong players along the circular plastics and rubbers value chain.

As family-owned startup company, we are committed to accelerating growth, ambitious RoI targets and sustainable value-creation. Aligned with the increasing global initiatives to capitalize more on post-consumer resources, we stand well-positioned ahead of a widely opening window of opportunity.

We welcome investors and alliance partners – specifically those, who want to be both – to explore our investment materials and enter into an intensive dialogue. We will launch a virtual investor and alliance web-space soon.

Please contact us anytime to explore attractive investment and alliance options available at rucothel!

  • Dieter J. Angerer
    Dieter J. Angerer Shareholder & Chief Operating Officer

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